Manage Your Employees Better-Top Human Resource Practices

Workforce is the core constituent of business. No company can walk on the path of victory without worker’s involvement and commitment. It is the employees who work hard on day to day basis to make sure that their companies reaches to the sky high success.

Successful companies makes sure that they share credit with their employees of company’s success, awards and growth. It is because of employee’s hard work, dedication and innovation that the company was able to achieve that level of success. It is the obligation of Human resource Department to manage the workforce and make them feel wanted, motivated and constantly happy. There are some practice by which a company can make sure that their employees are happy and content:

1. It is utterly important to treat your employees with equality and make them feel wanted. They should feel that they are part of company, not only working for the company. Appreciate folks and make them part of company’s success. You can give them bonus, paid vacations, family movie tickets etc. as a gratitude.

2. Always connect with your workers, tell them about the company and take their reviews. It is also beneficial to tell your employees about the management’s future plans and expansions. The more your employees will know about their company’s future planning, the more secure they will feel in their present position.

3. Try and introduce flat platform to your organization and eliminate the layers between the employees and management. An employees should get the impression that they can walk up to their seniors without getting lobbied and discuss their problems.

4. Define company’s philosophy clearly and make sure that everybody’s is following the same protocol. Before hiring an employee, make sure that you notify them about the company’s culture beforehand and they understand and ready to follow the procedure.

5. Try and conduct engaging activities on regular basis so that your employees understand each other and assist each other during difficult times. Once in a week play games, take your employees out or at least have an open session to address their problems.

6. Always appreciate employees to come up with innovative ideas, different approach and out of the box thinking. Even if the idea is not good, still appreciate them and tell them to work hard because eventually they will come up with something great.

7. Give exposure to your employees. Don’t just tell them to do their job, explain them the whole vertical so that they can understand the need of their job and perform accordingly. Give them more and more opportunities to understand the whole structure of the company.

8. Celebrate with your employees. If you know it’s your employees birthday or anniversary etc. celebrate it with them. Let them feel that you are their extended family and be happy in their happiness.

The above given points are really small but they put huge impact on employees retention and motivation. It is very important to keep your employees motivated and energetic. Be patient with your employees if they are having a bad day and give them some breather. While summing up, it is again prudent to say that happy employees can be a blessings to the company. Also you can hire an online payroll company which can access their performance and guide you towards employee training.